Welcome to our Nursery

Why choose our nursery for your growing bundle of joy

Buckingham Montessori Nursery is a home, a castle, a spaceship, a boat, a place filled with fun imagination for our growing learners.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing and motivating environment for your little explorers to learn through creative play.

Our fully equipped Montessori nursery gives children from the ages of 3 months to 5 years the help they need to reach their full potential.

Our philosophy

Here at Buckingham Nursery we use both Montessori and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum to teach our children. All our day to day activities involve the seven areas of learning (from EYFS and Montessori). This is taught in a fun and creative way, tailored around their individual needs and interests. Our environment is structured in the prime Montessori way based on self-directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play. Both Curriculums work hand in hand together to provide your child with the right education.


Our friendly staff ensure the children are cared for and well looked after.


Our staff are experienced and fully qualified with level 3 and above childcare education.


We take nutrition seriously as it is an important part of your child’s growth and development.

Play Areas

Our open planned nursery provides spacious indoor and outdoor play areas.


We follow both the EYFS and Montessori curriculum.


We help children learn lifelong skills and focus on natural development

A note from the Manager

With 18 years experience in Early Years Education, I have confidence I can support Buckingham Montessori. I am extremely passionate about my work with children. I have gained a lot of valuable experience due to my previous years of managing nurseries. I really enjoy being part of a healthy and consistent staff team at this nursery. My aims are to help staff and children reach the peak of their personal abilities and with the use of my experience and qualifications. I am an extremely positive and amicable individual. I have a lot of knowledge concerning safeguarding children and have undertaken many courses to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children and parents.
Nazy Kalhor

Indoor Play Areas

The indoor play areas are set in the Montessori way, meaning reinforcing the child’s independence and natural self development. The toys and activities are displayed on low easily reachable shelves. Each piece of material has its specific purpose that helps enable the children’s own direct learning. We do create a mini community where our children can mix amongst each other. This helps them learn through collaborative play and increases their confidence. Our communities rule is respect; respect for themselves, for others and their surroundings.


Children’s learning experience

Our prime goal is to provide high quality early years education that promotes physical, emotional, and intellectual development in a friendly and caring environment. We believe that each child’s growth is enhanced by appropriate experiences. Therefore, we provide children with different activities from literacy, math, science, art, music and sensory. Children take part in daily yoga sessions to enhance their inner well-being.

Another important feature we offer is the ongoing support we give to parents and families. We give settling in tips and provide free classes for parents that range from a number of topics like potty training and baby led weaning. These classes are set in groups or one to one sessions.

Montessori environment

Our vibrant environment is a place for children to learn and interact socially. The age gaps amongst the children allows them to teach each other through observation and inspiration. With the variety of stages, each child can work at their own comfortable pace, encouraged by cooperation.

What our Parents Say

Our Nursery


Buckingham Montessori Nursery takes children’s safety very seriously and follows all procedures. Our aim is to provide a happy, safe and secure environment. We have 24/7 CCTV cameras placed around the whole nursery to ensure the highest possible security is given to all children, parents and staff.

Purpose built

Our nursery has recently gotten a new look. Under the new redevelopment the rooms are looking bigger, brighter and vibrant. We have three central rooms:

Babies – Nest room birth to 16 months,

Toddlers – caterpillars room 16 – 36 months

Preschool – Butterflies room 36 – 60 months

We have a fine sized garden, that has a separated section for the babies

Pickups and Drop offs

To make pickups and drop offs easier, we have a car park and a buggy station where parents can leave buggies, scooters etc.

Buckingham Montessori nursery is based in the depths of Edgware; a suburban patch on the urban fringes of London. The nurseries doors are visibly open to the blossoming community.

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