We use partner companies for Drama, Yoga, Stretch and Grow, French and have good working relations with Children’s Services as well as local public and private Schools who form part of London’s educational community.

At Buckingham Montessori we pride ourselves in enriching the little ones with as much knowledge and exposure to different things. We take the older children (3-5 year olds) to Museums, galleries, Farms etc.

We also take our children to the local park on a weekly basis.

One of our most important features is the ongoing support that we offer to parents and families. We offer extra settling in tips and guidance. We also have free classes for parents that can range from any topics for example potty training to baby led weaning. This can be one to one or in groups. Food is cooked fresh on site and is so delicious even the staff cannot resist!


Children develop good independence and confidence.
Children have freedom to access and choose from the total range of material.
A calm environment helps children become deeply involved in individual activities.
They are also able to show energy and enthusiasm when involved in team and social activities inside the School and on outings.
Have fun in a happy and caring environment!
We integrate Montessori Methodology with EYFS principles and we believe this is the best practice to make a stimulating and fun environment for our little ones!