The butterflies


Our butterflies’ room (preschool) embodies elements of Maria Montessori’s revolutionary approach. The room is filled with growing independent 3 to 5-year olds and it is at this age, that their unique personalities begin to flourish. We encourage their development of social skills, confidence, respect for themselves, others and their environment.All of the children’s development is observed using elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage and Montessori guidelines.

The area is furnished in the classic Montessori way of low, easily accessible and organised shelves; giving children the freedom and confidence to explore themselves. The classroom also corresponds with the 5 areas of the Montessori curriculum; Practical life, Sensorial, language, Maths and Culture. The room additionally has its own free flow garden which is set up as a natural woodland environment, giving opportunities for the children to explore inside and outside of the classroom freely.