“The environment should be rich with inspiration.”

Outdoor Area

Learning and does not stop inside. Our colourful garden has children grinning from ear to ear and running from one end to the other. Rest assured our playground is carefully tailored, keeping children’s safety on top of our agenda. We use soft rubber surfaces and natural wooden materials great for exploring and fun imaginative games. Set on one side we have a hard to miss wooden climbing apparatus, popular amongst the older kids. Learning outside not only develops a healthy and active lifestyle, but also encourages children to learn about the natural world and what it offers; from weather and seasons, environment and animals, plants and lifecycles.


Our commercially equipped kitchen is an important segment of the nursery. Here our chef prepares deliciously healthy, nutritious meals on a daily bases. Our kitchen has been inspected by the Environmental Health Officers, who have graded us with a Five. A grade that marks the hard work put into the cleanliness of the room.

Indoor Area

We provide a safe and secure environment for our tiny crawlers, tumblers and bright learners. The main nursery room is divided into two for our toddlers and pre-preschoolers. In this room we teach the 7 areas of learning through a variety of activities. We understand the importance of space; therefore, each corner is specially designed to ensure our children have the best possible experience; for instance in one corner we have a make-shift kitchen, while in another corner we have an art studio.