8.00 am 

We start the day with a warm welcome, our bright-eyed, early risers stroll into the nursery. They begin with a healthy breakfast, keeping them motivated throughout the day.

9.00 am 

We have a nutritious breakfast. Once breakfast is over we form a circle and in turn welcome and tell each other stories about our weekend adventures.

9.15 am 

We have a 15 minute relaxing and stimulating yoga session. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem, flexibility, strength and coordination

9.30 am 

Our children become scientists, bakers or craft-makers. Also, during this time children are taught maths and literacy.

10.00 am 

We serve healthy snacks to get re-energised.

10.20 am 

Children are in charge. During this time we give them the freedom and independence to pick the activity they wish to play and learn with.

11.30 am 

We start getting ready for lunch in the big hall.

12.30 pm 

We have a little quiet, nap time. The children use this time to do a little light reading.

13.00 pm 

Our early birds are ready to go home as our afternoon explorers are ready settle in.

13.15 pm 

We have the afternoon yoga session.

13.30 pm 

Our children take part in guided learning as they learn a little maths, science or literacy.

14.00 pm 

Healthy savoury or sweet fruit snacks are served to get us re-energised.

14.20 pm 

Children are free to explore and play with activities they wish to play with.

15.20 pm 

Its tea time, so, our children enjoy a little afternoon snack.

16.15 pm 

Our children take part in sensory activities.

17.00 pm 

In the last hour we sit together in a circle and have a little story time.