About Us

Buckingham Montessori School snugly sits in the midst of a residential road in Edgware. The Nursery first opened its doors to the future lifelong learners back in 2014. The purpose built building provides immense outdoor and indoor space for children to explore. Our fabulously airy, bright, and colourful learning environment has the most up-to-date activities and facilities to motivate your child’s development. The nursery is a stepping-stone for your child to progress onto bigger schools.

As part of the Montessori philosophy and method we have full confidence in following the natural path of development. We guide children towards sensory activities and materials that will help them achieve their full potential. Our cosy environment is specially designed with the right gadgets to meet the children’s needs. The classic Montessori environment is prepped with materials that are housed on low, easily accessible shelves. The beauty of Montessori materials is that they help children learn through experience and exploring; recognising right and wrong. What we like about the Montessori approach is its holistic desire to fully develop and inspire children.

In addition to the Montessori method we also follow the seven areas of learning by EYFS. Children are ready, able and eager to learn; development depends on their unique ability. Through the principles of EYFS we have set in place positive relationships and environments. Alongside the guidelines our teachers ensure your child progress’s as they learn and play, explore, create and think logically.


Bright start for our lifelong learners.

Utilising both principles of Montessori and EYFS to ensure our children receive the right education.

Caring teachers warmly providing a safe, secure and happy environment.

Kindness and respect towards oneself and others is highly encouraged and taught.

Independence, confidence and freedom of expression are high on our teaching agenda.

Nurturing, warm and a comfortable environment, set for our children, parents, staff and visitors.

Granting our healthy children happiness and wellbeing.

Helping children learn creatively through problem solving, exploring and understanding.

Aim to encourage fun whilst learning.

Motivating and encouraging children to reach their full potential.