Hall hire for your little one

You’ve got a party to plan for your excited toddler; we’ve got the venue ready for hire. We know party planning for your gorgeous bundle of joy takes a lot of time, organisation and creativity. If your child is anything like ours, then you’ll know the birthday party is the most exciting day of their year.

Therefore, you can tick hall hiring off your never ending list. And, what better venue to hire than a hall your child knows so well; they’re comfortable with the setting, know the colour of walls and the layout of the space. You can decorate the hall to your theme and set it at your pace. However simple or extravagant birthday parties are, they’re still enjoyable and fondly remembered.

Let’s get the party started


Our hall is available for party hires only during weekends.


Hall rental can last between half (4 hours) or full days (8 hours); giving you full comfort and flexibility. You can set up an hour before the party starts. Please ensure that the area is cleaned and vacated 30 minutes after booking ends.


The hall is perfect for children aged 1 – 5 and is fully furnished with low tables and chairs. The Number of guests can vary between 50 to 70.


£160 Half day
£320 full day

Information we need

• Date of hire
• Hours of hire (including allowing time to set up and pack up)
• Number of people

Get in touch at info@buckinghamschool.org.uk

good to know

We have also some long term concessions. During the weekdays (evenings) the hall is home to a number of classes which include meditation, Taekwondo for children and women’s only kick boxing classes.

If you are looking to hire the hall for long term lettings please do get in touch with us.