We provide 30 minute classes with monthly fun themes such as magic, space, pirates, jungle, circus or dinosaurs.  Classes include a warm up story, aerobic exercises to different songs, endurance routine (the children learn and exercise a different muscle each week), discussion (on a topic such as healthy eating, hygiene, sharing and helping, visiting the dentist etc) and end with a cool down song.  Props such as pom poms, inflatable stars, scarves and batons help to ensure the children have a great time and learn to love exercising.  

Stretch-n-Grow teaches children that exercise is fun but more than that, it is a complete health programme that is aimed at encouraging the habits of a lifetime.

  • Warm Up
  • Aerobic Excercises
  • Healthy Eating
  • Fun
  • Exciting

The Details

Age Group
12 - 14 Months
Class Size
15 Children

If you require more information on the extra classes we offer please contact the nursery.