Buckingham Montessori School is an all year round nursery. Our fees are calculated equally over 52 weeks and split over 12 months giving the same monthly payments.

NEG Funding

Children aged 2*, 3 and 4 are eligible for Nursery Educational Grant (NEG) for the term following their second or third birthday. We accept the 15 hours and 30 hours government funding scheme within our wrap around care. We do not offer term time only places.

15 hours and 30 hours wrap around care

Your free nursery entitlement will be claimed as normal for 38 weeks of the year with the remaining 14 weeks calculated at full nursery rate. NEG 15 hour sessions are scheduled as 5 hours over 3 sessions. NEG 30 hours are scheduled over 3 full days.


Buckingham Montessori School accepts all recognised childcare vouchers as a way of part payment of fees.

Registration Fee and Deposit

Buckingham Montessori School requires the non-refundable registration fee of £50. A deposit of £250 is payable upon registration in order to secure your nursery place. The deposit is returned once the child has left the nursery and all account balances are cleared.

Payment Method

Families will be invoiced 5 days before the start of the months and payment must be received and cleared before the 15th of each month. Additional extra payments will be visible on the invoice. We request families to set up a monthly bank transfer/standing order. Other accepted payment methods are cash or cheque.